Bumped Into An Old Tinder Match in Real Life

The following Sunday after ending things with Ronny (The dude from this post: Falling for an Unavailable Guy While Still being Married), I spent some quality home girl time with my boo-thang Josie (The girl from this post: Moving Back to SF and Jump-starting My Car). We decided to hit up a local bar to catch the football game and grab a couple beers.

Of course, boys were on my mind, but I mostly wanted to kick back and enjoy the game with my friend. I was (am still) in the middle of finding myself, exploring what I really like, doing things that I want to do without the influence of a man. Yup.

And apparently one of the things I really like doing is watching *hometown* sports games at a *hometown* bar in San Francisco full of obnoxious *hometown* fans. Makes me feel like I’m at home even though I’m actually 3000 miles away. The only bad thing about me watching *hometown* games is.. well.. I’m cursed. Every single football game I’ve ever watched these guys play, they’ve lost. Even when they were still up. Even when they had gone undefeated for the season. I was working on breaking my curse.

About one beer and a bathroom break later, Josie and I walk towards a different corner of the bar, and I immediately recognize this guy.. Steve. We matched on Tinder a couple years ago, but we never met up. He was tall and cute and educated and from the East Coast like me. We both had a love of *hometown* sports, which is how we ended up running into each other.  Like the creep I am, I remembered him. I remembered his name too WTF?

Working my girly swag, I emanated sexual energy. I let that shit radiate off of me. I’m just kidding, but my hair looked great that day. I avoided eye contact and concentrated on the football game, but only after I told Josie about him. She was watching Steve like a hawk, reporting his every movement under her breath to me because we’re sneaky like that.

Josie: “Oh, he just saw you.. He turned around.” (A minute later) “He turned around again, twice, three, he definitely sees you. He’s coming.”

Love that feeling when a guy you find attractive approaches you. More guys should do it. I totally totally encourage that.

Next thing you know, Steve is next to us and starts talking. My initial reaction? He’s not the best conversationalist, but he was my type… physically. He was very cute with them dark eyes, and he ended up inviting us over to his table for some drinks. Unfortunately, Josie didn’t want to join. She was busy working her game on this dude she called “Hapa” (pretty sure this is a derogatory term referring to mixed-Asian dude). Sadly, I failed to notice Josie’s flirting, and I ended up cock blocking her, dragging her to Steve’s table instead. Womp womp, sorry girl.

Let’s be real though. I don’t care how oblivious you are, women usually know when a guy is interested. Steve was definitely interested. Simple hand brush on my lower back. Caress on my arm. His overall proximity. Of course, his interest was kind of obvious since he approached us first and invited us over to his table. Duh.

Blah blah. We were all happily watching the game, it was close. Next thing you know, during a crucial play…*Quarterback throws the ball to *Tight end, who is in the end zone…and *Tight end drops it. Game over. We lost. My curse still exists. So sad.

In a depression, Josie decided to go home, but I told her I was going to stay for a bit to sober up. It ended up being me, Steve and his buddies. When he heard I was planning on driving, he told his friends to go ahead, he’ll come back later. He ended up grabbing some water and ordered a plate full of buffalo wings for me. Man after my heart.

Yes, the way to my heart is food. Lots of delicious, fattening food. We ended up chatting, getting to know each other during this sober-up meal. Talked about his job. Horoscopes. My dog. Schools we went to. The basics.

After an hour or so, I felt fine, so I offered him a ride home since he Ubered out. When I dropped him off, he really went in for a kiss. Man. Good kisser. We traded numbers at the bar already, so he told me to text him when I got back safely. I took a peek at my screen and saw Ronny was still blowing up my phone. I was ignoring him though.

When I got back home, I parked, sat in the car for a bit, and smoked a cigarette while listening to Tove Lo’s “This Time Around” because I’m an emotional mess. Steve was texting, blah blah. It was chill, and he asked me out for that upcoming Thursday night. At the moment, I was interested, so I said OK.

Fast forward to a few days later.

Radio silence, and it was already Wednesday. I got shit to do ya know, so I texted him to confirm. Hours later, he cancelled saying he forgot he made plans with his work buddy.

Whatever, all I heard was FLAKE FLAKE FLAKE. So I didn’t respond.

My photographer friend posted amazing pictures of me and Josie on Facebook shortly after I had finished chatting with Steve. Not gonna lie, we looked like a couple of American Apparel models. You know what I’m talking about, dress real sexy on the top, and then offset the sexiness by throwing on a pair of sneakers instead of heels and proceed to act like fools.

Anyways, I guess Steve was curious about who he cancelled his date with, and BAM. I’m pretty sure he saw my pictures and realized what he did. AIN’T NOBODY FLAKES ON A DATE WITH ME WITHOUT REGRETTING IT LATER BIZNOTCH. CAN’T BREAK THIS CONFIDENCE.

He tried to spark a conversation about one of the pictures my friend posted, but I was pretty dismissive. C’mon. Ain’t nobody got time for that for real. He asked me out again for Friday (hours later) to grab drinks with him and his buddy. He added that I could bring along Josie if I wanted, but I told him I had other plans.

I did not have other plans, but I also didn’t want to hang out with Mr. Flake anymore.

Whatevers. Guys exasperate me.