Moving Out of My Ex’s Place

I don’t even know if I want to share what happened when the police standby finally arrived. It was really awkward. There were two cops…one male, one female. They asked me if my ex wanted me to leave, and what he would possibly do. I said I honestly have no idea because he changes his mind everyday, and it’s difficult to know what he really wants to do. I just wanted to move my things out.

When we arrived, of course my ex was there.. he tried to play everything off as if I was making a big deal over nothing. He apologized to the officers for the inconvenience, and I was relieved they didn’t really fall for the faux-charm. He followed me into the bedroom as I was packing and hugged me. Awkward. I didn’t want him to touch me. After I rejected his embrace, he tried to compromise with me about what to do about the apartment, with our dog, with moving, with expenses. Buddy.. it’s a little too late for that. I gave him several opportunities to talk to me about that stuff. Besides, everything that we would have discussed at that moment would only be changed later on because he’s unstable as fuck. I just wanted to grab my things and dip.

My ex hovered as I packed the rest of my belongings, and I was trying to decide if I wanted to bring the television. Ugh. Not strong enough. I was going to take the dog too, but after my ex helped pack the first round of my things into my car, something snapped in him. Perhaps he realized that this was real. That I was actually leaving. There was no hope anymore for us to rekindle our marriage. He flipped. His good words suddenly changed into, “You punched me in front of my mother” or “You cheated on me, and you are addicted to weed. You drug addict.” He even turned to the police officers and asked them if I could get in any trouble, since he has pictures of when I punched him in the face during our fight.

I kept silent. What could I say? I knew what happened. I remembered how much he bullied me when we were together — how he’s still bullying me even as I was leaving. I knew he twisted the actual story around so much that I almost felt gaslighted. What could I say? I was so tired of repeating my version of things, I gave up. But my ex didn’t. It’s all he-said-she-said, and useless to me. I just wanted to be free.

Finally, the female cop lost her patience and said to my ex, “OK. Whatever happened between you guys, she’s LEAVING now. So what’s the problem?” Hallelujah praise the Lord, Miss Cop you are awesome. My ex quieted down and directed the anger towards me again. “You don’t deserve our dog. I’m keeping him. You can go.” It’s amazing. The lease was under my name, all my things were in the apartment. Everything inside.. mine, and here he is kicking me out of my own place. Robbed and robbed some more.

We ran into the building manager while we were with the police officers. Oh man, the look on her face. Shock? Intimidation? I asked timidly, “So…we need to end our lease.” She just shook her head and nodded to everything I said. No questions asked. We exchanged numbers (I’ve been trying to reach her repeatedly), and she said she would call me. After that happened, my ex was saying how I humiliated him, how this was not necessary, how awful I am…blah, blah, blah. I just got the fudge out of there, because I did not want to deal with it anymore. I left with the police officers, and drove away with the rest of my clothes.

Back to my actual shitshow of a love life (Related Posts: Out With the Old, In With the New). After I left my old apartment, I drove down the street and pulled over to send some texts out. First to Ronny, I explained that I moved my clothes out and spoke with the landlord. He was less annoying and more supportive. Then I texted Officer Cheddar and said that I needed a drink. Because honestly, I totally did. For now though, a cigarette would do. I needed to reward myself with some lunch…I was starving, so I went to my favorite Korean comfort soup spot. Sat there just eating and texting, and then I went to get some bubble milk tea afterwards.

I decided to grab another bubble milk tea drink for Officer Cheddar since he was kind enough to help update me with my police escort, and I stopped by the station. He came out in his uniform and damn. He looked good. So powerful. I don’t know if it’s the stench of manliness and confidence…and just.. Homeboy carries a gun for goodness sake.

He tried to ease the tension by giving me a hug, and speaking to me in such a gentle coo-coo voice like honey to my ears. I gave him a deep hug. I really needed it. Pressed my body all up against his, which I’m sure he didn’t mind. He only had a few minutes, but I’m pretty sure he was amused after observing my body language. He could tell I was nervous. Crossed arms, darting eyes, tightly wound up. I felt awkward, and he could see it. I did not act like this before! What was the difference now? Ah. It didn’t seem to deter him. He went back to work, and I gave him another hug. I was going to see him the next night, so this was a good pick-me-up.

Nothing like a good ole rebound. Dun dun dun.