What Attracts Men to Women the Most?

Oh god, where do I start? There are so so many things I could say about this question, but I’ll keep everything focused.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and so do women. Some men are drawn to beauty, while others are drawn to brains, personality, talent, or humor. Then there are those guys who want all of those qualities in one. Standards for attraction are getting so hard-to-reach these days, no wonder many people feel so insecure about dating.

There are women who work out religiously or religiously get plastic surgery to make sure they’re in tip-top shape.

There are also women who are so adventurous, it seems as if they’ve done everything from skydiving to climbing Mt. Everest to spending time in a hippie commune in the middle of nowhere.

There are those women who are so incredibly alluring and mysterious you suspect they might be a spy or a Dominatrix (you never know).

Then there are the women who spend their lives in school, at work, at home behind a book.

So my question is…what quality about a woman attracts a man the most?


I was reading through my boring stats textbook on curvilinear relationships, and how oftentimes, researchers are interested in studying more than two groups to compare results. The book used an example that kinda popped out at me (read below):

In 2003, Strassberg and Holty conducted an experiment on Internet dating ads for women, and studied the effectiveness of four groups:

  1. Generally positive women who liked hiking and painting (basic lady, control)
  2. Slim and attractive (I’m guessing fit)
  3. Sensual and passionate (skanky!!)
  4. Financially able and independent

Want to know what the results were?

Financially able and independent won with 50% more responses than the next popular ad, which was Slim and attractive. I only skimmed through the study, so I’m still curious about the way they sold each group. But HEY. Now I know that if I ever wanted to do the whole online dating ma-jiggy, I should sell myself as financially able and independent! Apparently, men love that!

Women love that too! The same researchers did a follow-up study in 2015 that included men and women, and surprise surprise — women were attracted to successful and ambitious dudes the most.

So what does that mean for the different types of women I’ve listed above? It means that ALL OF THEM have an equal–maybe not equal because I have never tested this claim–but all types of women can attract dudes. As long as they’re financially able to provide for themselves and are ambitious.

With this whole #MeToo movement going on, it looks like #StrongWomen are a thing of the present and future now. At the end of the day, becoming a woman who is independent and can take care of herself is what every female should strive to be.

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OK, back to studying.
Have a wonderful day everyone!