Hi there!

Welcome to Homegirl Confessions.

My name is Sandra, and I am a freelance writer and a graduate student studying psychology in LA. I am passionate about storytelling, self-fulfillment, human development, and helping others. When I’m not writing, studying, or hanging out with my dog, I spend my time volunteering throughout the city during the day and watching Netflix at night. I try to do normal stuff too like hanging out with friends, eating food, and exercising as well. As a person, I think of myself as a sassy, positive, and patient person with a strong curiosity to learn more about others. I have an annoying tendency to over-analyze and overthink.

When I first started this blog in 2017, it was more about chronicling my nutso love life, family experiences, and times with friends. It was my way of “confessing” I guess, hence the name Homegirl Confessions. However, ever since I started studying psychology, I noticed that the content on my blog started to change quite a bit–evolving more into a self-improvement kinda ma-jig. Now, I basically try to give people sound advice based on stories from others as well as my own personal experiences. And when I don’t have any stories to share, which is rare, I try supporting these views with studies and other professional sources so you’re not just reading random psychobabble and bullshit.

Although I still write about my personal escapades from time to time, HGC is mostly just a collection of posts about love, relationships, family, and self-improvement these days.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and share your own stories. I would love to know more about you, and I am always looking for new topics to write about.

Stay cool,
Homegirl Sandra