My Ex’s New Girlfriend Emailed Me

YUP. Just when I thought I was free from my crazy ex, I get a weirdo email from his new girlfriend. So weird. Full disclosure, my ex and I are separated, but we’re still married. I’m currently navigating through the divorce process (alone), since he’s absolutely useless. Like seriously.. useless.

Anyways, I get this email from his new girlfriend. The subject like is like “HE DOESN’T KNOW I’M EMAILING YOU” or some bonkers crap like that. Then the actual email goes a little something like this:

“I don’t know what to believe. I drive back and forth to see him all the time, and he doesn’t seem to appreciate it. He keeps saying things, but they just don’t add up. Am I wasting my time? It doesn’t make sense that everyone is so against him, at the same time, I know how he gets when he drinks. I just want to hear your side because there are two sides to every story.”

Blah blah. I should have answered with a simple, “RUN, GIRL.” But no. I didn’t. I was still really angry from the way my ex handled things. How he drained me of my energy and took advantage of my love for him. A part of me felt really sorry for his new girlfriend. A part of me wanted to ignore her altogether. Another part of me was just thinking.. better her than me.

Anyways, I told her the truth about him. Maybe a little too much truth.. I might have made myself sound a bit crazy. She responded with this:

“I shouldn’t have gotten in the middle of this. It’s between you two. You are being unfair to him. You know he can make it in America, why are you doing this to him? Why can’t you just give him a break? He has made mistakes, and he knows it. Why are you making him pay?”

Ugh. By “making him pay” I had to go to some immigration interview to PRETEND that we were still married so that he could get his greencard and work in America. FUCK THAT. Dis bitch pisses me off. Was that how delusional I was when I was with him? I know it’s not her fault. My ex is quite the manipulative one who loves to take on the whole “everyone’s against me” thing, so I can’t really blame her for thinking that way. But girl.. don’t waste my fuckin’ time.

Anyways, I blocked her.

Word of advice? If your ex’s new lady decides to contact you, just ignore her. She’s blinded, and won’t listen to a word you say. Sorry he’s driving another woman nutso, but it’s not your problem anymore. If she’s smart, she’ll figure it out on her own.

Honestly though. I’ve never harbored any bad feelings about exes until this one. I really dislike the guy. I wish I were over it, and I’m well aware that I sound like a bitter, bitter woman.. but he really was the lowest of the low. Like…true sociopath, it’s NUTS.

At the same time, I should have recognized the signs of abuse and sexism wayyyyy earlier. Shame on me. At least now I know.

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